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Our Mission: Mentoring the mentor less...


AIM levels the playing field by providing schools that do not have extended resources with a viable and active youth development program to assist the coaches, teachers and administration to best prepare their students for a healthy and productive adulthood.



One of the strengths of the AIM model is that all administrative aspects of the program are managed by AIM for their school-parnters. 

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Community Coalition

The Community Coalition is a group of key school personnel, community leaders, parents and students that have three key roles.

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Youth Development Coach

The Youth Development Coach (YDC) is a critical factor to the success of AIM as these people act as the on-site AIM representatives.

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Training & Development

AIM’s Training & Development centers on preparing both YDC’s and Key Stakeholders in each school for success in working with the program. 

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Being able to demonstrate solid performance results in our schools through measurable factors not only lends credibility to our program, but also proves our business model.

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Academics in Motion (AIM) is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization that has developed a youth development program that uses athletics.

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