AIM’s Training & Development, centers on preparing both YDC’s and key stakeholders in each school to ensure a successful working program.

AIM works with the Center for Youth Development and Research at Springfield College to conduct an intensive orientation training and two additional one day trainings per year. Springfield College has a nationally recognized graduate program, “Counseling”, and has refined its training modules for individuals who work with students over the last 20 years.

Our YDC’s come to us with diverse backgrounds and various levels of experience. The trainings, taught jointly with Springfield College, serve to unify our mentors in terms of goals, expectations and philosophies. YDC’s are also educated in topics related to youth development, counseling, building relationships and crisis management. Our mentors come together several times per year to network, share information, and problem solve.

Training stakeholders is critically important to the success of the AIM model. Without their understanding and support, the program would not garner the resources or commitment required for success throughout the year. The main stakeholders at each school are generally:

· Teachers
· Coaches
· Principal and Administration
· Guidance Counselors
· Parents/Caregivers