Flushing H.S. June Student of The Month

Flushing's June Student of the Month, Enyje, was introduced to the high school from a Round 2 High School Fair.  There she met Reminisce Eugene, an SASF employee.  From the excitement and energy Enyje received form "Remi" she decided to follow through and attended the Summer Bridge Program.  From last summer until now, Enyje has beena positive, motivated and fun student to have in the program.

Enyje joined the step team and has continued to develop her skill and commitment to its growth and success. She has since become a member of a 'twin' duo on the team.  Although the step team has faced a few challenges this school year, Enyje showed great leadership for her peers in assisting and reminding them to remain positive, stand strong, and together they could overcome adversity.  Due to their diligence and dedication, success has met these ladies, as they are traveling to Atlanta because they have qualified to the next level of the step competition.

Recent Achievements/awards: Leadership and Dedication Award
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Favorite TV Show or Movie: Criminal Mind & Pretty Woman
Favorite Book: Born Blue
Favorite Athlete or team: Flushing Step Team
Favorite Artist: Alicia Keys
Future Career Plans: Supreme Court Judge/ Own Law Firm/ 5 Links Representative
Role Model: Maya Angelou/ Mother
Favorite Hobbies: Reading and Step

Flushing H.S. May Student of The Month

Condoleezza Clarke, affectionately known as Condi is one of our bright and shinning Freshman. With her positive spirit and upbeat personality, Condoleezza has been a great attribute to the program. Condi enjoys being a part of AIM and appreciates all the support the at she receives. Condi has shown great academic, social and, personal development throughout the year, all in support of cultivating a positive sense of self. She is also learning to better express her genuine feelings, speaking up about how she feels regardless of others' opinions.

Within the AIM, Condoleezza participates in Fitness and Ping Pong. She also offers her services to Asian Equality For America, where she completes services projects within the community.

Recent Achievements/awards: Freshman Academy, Attendance Award, Honor Roll.

Favorite Food: Fried Chicken, Cake, Lollipops, Gummies and Jolly Ranchers
Favorite TV Show or Movie: Naked & Afraid, Hart to Hart, Titanic
Favorite Book: Bridge to Terabithia, Because of Winn Dixie
Favorite Athlete or team: Lebron James and the Cavaliers
Favorite Artist: Celine Deon & Choi Siwin
Future Career Plans: Something in the medical field, Chef or Professional Volleyball Player.
Role Model: Herself. She believes she is awesome!
Favorite Hobby: Sleeping, Cooking, Drawing & Volleyball


Alexis Davis is an 11th Grader at Brooklyn Collegiate HS. She's been an active participant of AIM and SASF for the past two years. She maintains a 90 average in addition to participating in various various activities like track and girl's basketball. She enjoys playing basketball.

Favorite subject: Trigonometry
Dream College: Cornell University (School of Veterinary Medicine!)
Favorite movie: Dear John
Favorite artist: Bryson Tiller
Role model: Michelle Obama


Flushing H.S.'s Tania Machicote is one of our very promising freshman. Tania has a fun bubbly personality, is warm and considerate. She is also very dedicated to her academic success. Tania participates regularly within the program and any extra school activities that appeal to her. Tania participated in the Summer Bridge Program, and followed through with remaining active throughout the rest of the school year. Tania states the highlight of the program is when we traveled to Pennsylvania to tour U Penn and visit the Franklin Institute.

Recent Achievements/awards: Arista- Honors Program
Favorite Food: Her Mom's Food
Favorite TV Show or Movie: Train to Se
Favorite Book: Alice In Wonderland
Favorite Athlete or team: St. Louis Cardinals
Favorite Artist: Watsky (poet)
Future Career Plans: Environmental Engineer
Role Model: Her mother
Favorite Hobby: Writing


Brooklyn Collegiate's March Student of the Month is senior Talik Farmer

Talik has been an active participant of Academics In Motion for the past three years. In addition to being a member of the boys varsity basketball team Talik has participated in the SASF sports program as well as the barbering program where he was known around the school for his skill and precision with the clippers. Talik's has already been accepted to over 10 colleges which include SUNY Cortland, University of Bridgeport, and Bloomfield College. His favorite subject is english and he plans to major in business management.

Favorite rapper: Meek Mill
Favorite Food: fried chicken
Favorite Athlete: Carmelo Anthony


Karen Hernandez is one of AIM’s very excited seniors - Karen is anxiously awaiting college acceptance letters, to help her in mapping out her future. Karen has and continues to be a high achieving student. She was inducted into the Arista Honors Program in her Junior Year. Since then, Karen often volunteers her time with several groups within the school and out. Besides assisting AIM during events, Karen is also a Peer Group Counselor in the school. She also participates in several walks including the diabetes marathon. Since Karen has completed the majority of her credits to graduate, she spends lot of her time planning for prom with her friends.

Recent Achievements: Arista- Honors Program
Favorite Food: Chinese Food
Favorite TV Show or Movie: Criminal Minds
Favorite Book: Alice In Wonderland
Favorite Athlete or team: Not a sports girl.
Favorite Artist: Barbara Streisand
Future Career Plans: Karen hopes to touch, support and help people in some sort of way.
Role Model: Her parents.
Favorite Hobby: Singing and Reading


Nicolette Bondswell is a transfer student from Philly. When Nicolette transferred mid year last year, she joined SASF and quickly began to blossom with her connections as a result of the program. Nicolette is friendly, outgoing and ambitious. Nicolette joined the soccer team, and makes use of tutoring available within the program. Nicolette is a very good student, yet her goal is to strive to do better. Currently Nicolette has an 89 average. Before the end of the semester, Nicolette's goal is to obtain straight A's. Good Luck Nicolette!

  • Favorite Food: Oxtail & Rice Peas
  • Favorite TV Show or Movie: Basketball Wives LA/ Empire/Home Alone
  • Favorite Book: NA
  • Favorite Athlete or team: Herself
  • Favorite Artist: Beyonce
  • Future Career Plans: Computer Science
  • Role Model: Mother
  • Favorite Hobby: Social Media



Brooklyn Collegiate Freshman, Majesty Johnson is worthy for AIM student of the month for a number of reasons. He's participated in almost every AIM, SASF, and Counselors in Schools event since the beginning of the year. He is a regular in the AIM room and he has a near-perfect attendance record in study hall. Majesty is a solid student in the classroom but he's known around BC as the only freshman to make the varsity basketball team... At only 5'7" he is one of the city's top freshman point guards - he even managed to crack the starting line-up in multiple games. Of all freshman in the PSAL AA playing varsity basketball Majesty ranks #1 in assist/game and #2 in points/game.

  • Favorite subject: Math.
  • Career Goals: He hopes to attend the University of North Carolina and study math while starring on the basketball team.
  • Favorite food: Fried chicken
  • Favorite athlete: James Harden
  • Favorite movie: Friday. 



Tatiana Maddox is Academics In Motion Flushing HS Most Improved Student. After falling of track for a lengthy period of time, Tatiana has regained her focus and dedication to ensuring that she is on track in school. She attends daily, makes it to every class, completes her assignments, and is working hard to achieve every credit. With Tatiana's dedication, she has found a new positive happiness in being present in school and accomplishing her assignments. Tatiana is consistently part of the fitness program within SASF as she hopes to get in shape for prom day. She has completed her college applications and hopes to attend Medgar Evers in the fall.

  • Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers
  • Favorite TV Show or Movie: Degrassi High/ Beyond the Lights
  • Favorite Book: A Street Car named Desire By, Tennessee Williams
  • Favorite Athlete or team: Steph Curry
  • Favorite Artist: Chris Brown
  • Future Career Plans: Nurse
  • Role Model: None at the time
  • Favorite Hobby: Traveling to new places/adventures



 Britney Gomez has been exceptional at Flushing going into winter-break, notably for her cooperation, leadership, community involvement/service, consideration towards others, her outstanding attitude, grades, overall achievement and excellent attendance. 

Britney has been a true asset within the AIM office. Britney could be considered the office manager/helper. She has cleaned, organized, and prepared a lot of the office supplies. Britney is always available to assist staff or students with a need at a moments notice. While Britney regularly completes various tasks, she is always very pleasant and has a positive attitude toward staff and students. We truly appreciate Britney's contribution to the program. 

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite TV Show or Movie: Remember

Favorite Book: It's Kind of a Funny Story By Ned Vasine

Favorite Athlete or team: Not a fan

Favorite Artist: BTS

Future Career Plans: Therapist

Role Model: Tony Lum

Favorite Hobby: Learning a new language




8th Grader Caitlyn is a very intelligent hard working and funny. On and off the court she is an awesome person. On the court Caitlyn plays guard, she plays about 10 minutes a game and averages 6 points a game. She is an awesome team player and is very respectful to her coaches. Caitlyn has been on the honor roll since the 6th grade every semester. This semester she was shy of Principal's honors. Her goal is to be on principal’s honors and be the first person that graduates college from here family.

Favorite Food: Anything I can eat
Favorite TV Show or Movie: Hunger Games
Favorite Book: Paper Town by John Green
Favorite Athlete or team: Lady Knights, Duh
Favorite Artist: Picasso
Future Career Plans: Engineer
Role Model: Ms.Maria (YDC!)
Favorite Hobby: Playing Basketball

Brooklyn Collegiate H.S. November Student of The Month

Senior Treasure Bynum earned a 95 average on her last report card while serving as captain of the varsity cheerleading squad, and a very active member of her senior class committee. She has also worked closely with AIM as she prepares to apply to some of the nation's top colleges. Her favorite subject is English and she plans to major in English in college with aspirations ofbecoming an English professor. She loves to go shopping and considers her mother her biggest role model. Favorite movie: The Fault in our Stars

Favorite Music Artist: Alicia Keys

Favorite food:  Baked chicken. 

Flushing H.S. November Student of The Month

Imani Davis is a Junior at Flushing High School. Imani has been a valuable asset to the SASF program. Imani has committed daily to keeping up with her step team practice, events and competitions. She also was a recent employee for the summer program mentoring incoming freshman. Due to her dedication, Imani continues to be a peer helper within the program.

Along with Imani's value in the program, she maintains exceptional grades each semester. Imani believes in working hard to accomplish her best. Due to her exceptional GPA, Imani will be considered for this summer's, Summer Bridge Program. A program that provides full scholarships to high achieving students for college.




Favorite Food: Fried Chicken and Rice

Favorite TV Show or Movie: Stomp the Yard

Favorite Book: Hunger Games

Favorite Athlete or team: Serena Williams

Favorite Artist: Bryson Tiller

Future Career Plans: Celebrity Stylist

Role Model: Grandmother

Favorite Hobby: Step

Brooklyn Collegiate H.S. October Student of the Month


Pharoah is an 11th grader who just transferred to BCHS. He hit the ground running and has been a model student. He has attended every study hall and has earned a 89 average on his first report card. He has participated in SASF after school programming and is planning on trying out for the basketball team.

  • Favorite subject: Math
  • Future Career: Accountant
  • Favorite Movie: He Got Game.
  • Hobbies: Basketball, "I play basketball 24/7".
  • Role model(s): His father and his uncle. 



Flushing H.S. October Student of The Month

Madhai is an active, academically strong and productive student. Madhai is currently enrolled in several AP classes. While staying focused on her academics, Madhai is a volunteer for a tutoring program and she has recently been accepted into this years Work, Learn & Grow program, where she will work throughout the school year. Besides Madhai's vigorous schedule, she also is a major support to her younger brother as she dedicates her afternoons to picking him up and taking him to his activities. With all of her responsibilities, Madhai continues to have outstanding grades and is ahead of schedule with her College Applications and Essays

  • Favorite Food: Lasagna
  • Favorite TV Show or Movie: The Walking Dead & All Fast & Furious Movie
  • Favorite Book: Black & White by: Paul Volponi
  • Favorite Athlete or team: Volleyball
  • Favorite Artist: Marvin Gaye, Beyoncé, Kanye West
  • Future Career Plans: Medical Technician
  • Role Model: AP of English dept. Mrs. Morgan
  • Favorite Hobby: Anything Madhai is interested and put her mind to;)

Brooklyn Collegiate H.S. SEPTEMBER Student of The Month

Senior David Williams has been an active participant in AIM and SASF for his entire high school career. As a senior he has become a leader - attending study hall regularly.  

  • Favorite class: Research Methods
  • Future Career: He hopes to become a physical therapist.
  • Role model: Shaquille O'neal
  • Favorite movie: Get Rich Die Trying
  • Favorite team: Houston Rockets (NBA) and the Houston Texans (NFL)

Castle Hill M.S. September Student of The Month

This month Okhi has excelled in her academics– achieving high marks in the areas of mathematics, english and social studies. Her positive attitude and cooperative behavior is always welcomed by the after-school staff and peers.

  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite TV Show or Movie: I, Robot
  • Favorite Book: "Wonder" & "Diary of Wimpy Kid"
  • Favorite Athlete or team: Argentina
  • Favorite Artist: Drake, Chris Brown
  • Future Career Plans: Dentist
  • Role Model: Ms. Resto (5th grade homeroom teacher)
  • Favorite Hobby: Botany

Flushing H.S. September Student of the Month

Brenda Ramirez is a sophomore at Flushing High School. This is also her second year participating in SASF/ AIM. Brenda has been a great role model for her peers. Since joining the program last year, Brenda has been a part of the step team. She enjoys the program and the relational experiences it has created. Brenda has also been a part of the several activities that the program provides. Brenda's main contribution has been volunteering during the SASF summer program. She was responsible for working with incoming freshman for this school year.

Besides Brenda's volunteer work within the program, Brenda manages to maintain a good grade point average throughout the school year.



  • Recent Achievements: Brenda received the Bronze Academic Award for her overall end of the school year average.
  • Favorite Food: Brenda does not have any one favorite food. She enjoys trying all different foods regularly.
  • Favorite TV Show or Movie: Titanic
  • Favorite Book: She is working on this area;)
  • Favorite Athlete or team: Brenda does not have a favorite team or athlete, but enjoys volleyball.
  • Favorite Artist: Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Future Career Plans: Brenda is interested in criminal justice, and hopes to take law in the future.
  • Role Model: Brenda believes her biggest role model is her mother. She is her biggest supporter and provide great encouragement.
  • Favorite Hobby: Brenda enjoys watching movies.

AIM @Work: Guy Carpenter

AIM has been organizing a special project called "AIM @Work." The purpose of AIM @Work is to provide students with opportunities to visit different workplaces and shadow professionals in order to encourage them to pursue their dreams. AIM would like to thank Guy Carpenter for being an amazing host to our students. The day consisted of a quick presentation of Guy Carpenter's company goals and mission with a brief Q&A, followed by an hour of student shadowing of key positions in the company, and ending with a pizza party and informal gathering. Students were very excited to be there and learned so much!