The YDC’s are a critical factor to the success of AIM as these professionals act as the on-site AIM representatives. Each school is assigned a trained adult mentor, who is employed by AIM. The YDC works with the students for approximately 20 hours per week during the school year. The majority of this time is spread among individual counseling, small group work and meeting with administrators. YDC’s collaborate with the appropriate school personnel (e.g. Principal and Athletic Director) to design programs consistent with the AIM framework described to best utilize local school and community resources to meet the needs of the participants at each site. Typical activities either provided or facilitated by YDC’s include:

· One-on-one counseling;
· Advisement;
· Tutoring;
· Study Halls;
· Life Skills Instruction;
· Team Building; 
· Community Service;
· College Selection & Application;
· Parent Nights; and/or
· Incentive Programs to Encourage Participation.

The YDC’s will be supervised by the AIM Program Director with assistance from the identified on-site school representative. The Program Director will supervise and support each YDC during the school year, ensuring that each has a strong annual curriculum plan and the necessary resources to create an impact program.