Our MIssion: To mentor the mentor less


AIM levels the playing field by providing schools that do not have extended resources with a viable and active youth development program to assist the coaches, teachers and administration to best prepare their students for a healthy and productive adulthood. AIM has several components that make it unique in several ways:

Integrated Approach to Youth Development:

For the entire academic year, AIM provides schools with a trained, Youth Development Coach (YDC) who develops a holistic program which addresses the academic, career, social and emotional needs of those students who participate. The success of youth development initiatives that use sports as a vehicle to better prepare students is likely rooted in its multidimensional program delivery model. This framework is based on the best practices and recommendations from experts in the fields of positive youth development, resilience training, and asset-based initiatives.

Empowering Student-Athletes:

AIM strives to empower student-athletes. Each school has a Youth Development Coach (YDC) that provides one-on-one counseling, advisement, tutoring, study halls, life skills instruction, team building, SAT/ACT preparation, community service, college selection, parent nights, and incentive programs. The YDC’s relationship with the school, parents, teams and individual students is critical to our program.

Community Coalition:

Each school will have a group of local residents from their neighborhood who will be stakeholders in the creation, facilitation and financial support of the AIM program. AIM will be facilitating the teaming with communities (i.e. school boards, county agencies, local politicians, companies, coaches, etc) to support local initiatives that will perpetuate the education, protection, honor, and love necessary for the youth to be long-term, contributing members of society.

Turnkey Solution for School Districts:

AIM provides an easily implemented model for schools to increase the potential academic performance of their student-athletes with very little requirements from the school. AIM manages all administrative aspects of the program, provides on-site, professional oversight of the program and acts as a fundraiser for the schools when necessary.

While there are many organizations that address these issues individually, no one organization has been able to structure a powerful, comprehensive program in collaborating with the nation’s leader’s in Youth Development. Ours is a holistic, proven methodology that will separate AIM from others in the field.