Being able to demonstrate solid performance results in our schools through measurable factors not only lends credibility to our program, but also proves our business model. Springfield College maintains the integrity of our research by acting as a third party that collects, analyzes and evaluates AIM’s academic data.

AIM’s key success factors are measurable and relate to: 
· Increases in Grade Point Average
· Increases in Graduation Rates
· Increases in College Attendance
· Increase in Attendance
· Community Service hours served
· Life Skill modules completed 
· Improved Performance on Regents Exams

The data we collect will be based on the results were contracted to measure. Currently we are measuring the below data points on the students and YDC’s in the NYC Public Schools with the AIM Program. This data is collected daily and submitted on a monthly basis to AIM management.

Data is collected and synthesized related to:

· Pre/Post Data (where available)
· Three Year Academic Trends (GPA)
· NYS Regent Exams
· Study Hall attendance 
· SAT/ACT Prep 
· 1-on-1 mentoring meetings
· AIM Paperwork & Reports
· Community Service Hours Completed
· Life Skills Completed
· Team & Relationship Building
· Student Contact & Administration
· Other Functions
· YDC Specific Success Rates

Springfield College, in conjunction with input from AIM and participating school systems, design and develop all research protocol and produces annual reports, by school, by activity and by program.

The purpose of this data collection and reporting is not only for judging the success and its effectiveness but equally important, the ability to learn and determine how best to improve, adjust or incorporate new components of the program to maintain the most successful program.