Karen Hernandez is one of AIM’s very excited seniors - Karen is anxiously awaiting college acceptance letters, to help her in mapping out her future. Karen has and continues to be a high achieving student. She was inducted into the Arista Honors Program in her Junior Year. Since then, Karen often volunteers her time with several groups within the school and out. Besides assisting AIM during events, Karen is also a Peer Group Counselor in the school. She also participates in several walks including the diabetes marathon. Since Karen has completed the majority of her credits to graduate, she spends lot of her time planning for prom with her friends.

Recent Achievements: Arista- Honors Program
Favorite Food: Chinese Food
Favorite TV Show or Movie: Criminal Minds
Favorite Book: Alice In Wonderland
Favorite Athlete or team: Not a sports girl.
Favorite Artist: Barbara Streisand
Future Career Plans: Karen hopes to touch, support and help people in some sort of way.
Role Model: Her parents.
Favorite Hobby: Singing and Reading