October: Students of the Month


The October Student of the month for M.S. 127 is Mehrin T. Maisha. Mehrin is in 7th grade! 

"This month Mehrin has proved an outstanding dedication to academic excellence– earning high marks in the areas of mathematics, science and reading. She also has demonstrated model behavior and leadership when helping her peers with homework." -YDCs

Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite TV Show or Movie: Qubool Hai / Frozen
Favorite Artist: Hridoy Khan
Future Career Plans: Doctor
Role Model: Dr. Liat S. Snyder MD (Montefiore Hospital)
Favorite Hobby: Soccer


The October student of the month for Brooklyn Collegiate High School is 11th grader Gordon Torrington!


"Torrington earned a 92.06 average during the first marking period. He has been an active member of SASF / AIM for two years and he has consistently excelled in the classroom. He's also been an active participant with all AIM activities. He hopes to attend Georgetown,John Hopkins or Duke after graduation in 2017." -YDCs


Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Team: The Knicks
Future Career Plans: Biomedical Engineer/Medical Specialist
Role Model: His Mother




The October student of the month for Flushing High School is 12th grader  Celena Germany!

Celena has been an active participant in the program for the past three years and is currently a senior. Celena has demonstrated great leadership ability as a peer mediator and a mentor in the Girl Talk Female Empowerment Group. She has embraced the college application process and has successfully completed her CUNY and SUNY applications. Celena has proven to be an asset the program. -YDCs

Recent Achievements/awards (if any): Certificate for Completion of Community Service

Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite TV Show or Movie: Sister Act 2
Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby
Favorite Athlete or team: New York Jets
Favorite Artist: Jennifer Hudson
Future Career Plans: Registered Pediatric Nurse
Role Model: Her parents
Favorite Hobby: Baking


10/27/15: Sade Collington, one of our Youth Development Coaches at The Castle Hill M.S 127 in the Bronx, attended the 2015 AthLife Foundation Conference at Keybridge Marriott, Arlington, VA on July 16-18. The purpose of the conference was to bring together youth development experts, coaches, mentors and organizations committed to positive youth development through sports to discuss ways to improve each other’s work. Sade was excited to attend and network with amazing people who share her passion of helping students excel in school and in their personal lives. Sade recalls her experience,

Attending the conference was a wonderful experience for me. I was able to meet great people and gain wonderful connections. I met many authors, persons with doctoral degrees, and athletes, many of whom were of African American descent. I met different people and listened to their stories and the struggles that helped them become successful. I believe the conference gave me a window of opportunity to realize just how much I influence children as well as how much they influence me. I learned that each child is different therefore how you deal with each child should be too. It’s easy to put people in categories but children should be looked at on a case -to-case basis. I’m excited about the year to come because I want to implement the lessons I learned this summer.


09/15/15: Coach Ken created this video to represent an exceptional team! The BC basketball team is part of the PSAL AA Division. Check out the video!  

"Trust, respect, and loyalty serve as the cornerstones of Brooklyn Collegiate basketball. BC prides itself on developing college-ready student athletes."  

- Coach Ken Hoyte