Flushing High School

Flushing H.S. September Student of the Month

Brenda Ramirez is a sophomore at Flushing High School. This is also her second year participating in SASF/ AIM. Brenda has been a great role model for her peers. Since joining the program last year, Brenda has been a part of the step team. She enjoys the program and the relational experiences it has created. Brenda has also been a part of the several activities that the program provides. Brenda's main contribution has been volunteering during the SASF summer program. She was responsible for working with incoming freshman for this school year.

Besides Brenda's volunteer work within the program, Brenda manages to maintain a good grade point average throughout the school year.



  • Recent Achievements: Brenda received the Bronze Academic Award for her overall end of the school year average.
  • Favorite Food: Brenda does not have any one favorite food. She enjoys trying all different foods regularly.
  • Favorite TV Show or Movie: Titanic
  • Favorite Book: She is working on this area;)
  • Favorite Athlete or team: Brenda does not have a favorite team or athlete, but enjoys volleyball.
  • Favorite Artist: Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Future Career Plans: Brenda is interested in criminal justice, and hopes to take law in the future.
  • Role Model: Brenda believes her biggest role model is her mother. She is her biggest supporter and provide great encouragement.
  • Favorite Hobby: Brenda enjoys watching movies.